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I've been a designer and art editor for more than 30 years and during this time my love for art, design and the creative has grown, blossomed and flourished. Here’s my story…

My journey began with my family and working with my brother for Maverick Magazines. We worked and played hard and produced high-quality magazines, such as Megadrive Advanced Gaming and Super Control. It was an exciting beginning that also whet my appetite for a career in publishing and catapulted me to the next stage as a designer with Dennis Publishing. This meant cutting my teeth with a large, national publisher, designing great titles, including among others MacUser and Maxim and working with creatives, such as Felix Dennis and successful writer and TV personality Charlie Brooker.


London life made me eager to strengthen my experience so I launched my own business acquiring many great clients, working around the West End with various design agencies and a record company while continuing my relationships at Dennis Publishing. I could quite often be spotted, portfolio in hand, jumping on and off the tube to see prospective clients.


From London to Bath; a journey that saw me become a mother to my wonderful son Jake. Here a new chapter opened up for my career too and I continued my freelance business working for Future Publishing, Immediate Media, Anthem Publishing, Specialist - The Content Marketing Agency and James Pembroke Media, among others – including a long-term relationship with BBC Wildlife, which was a dream role slotting in perfectly with my passion for animals and nature. This period has also seen me back working on children's books – a role I explored for 15 years with Parragon on its Disney titles and something I love as it allows me to explore my passion for storytelling, drawing and design.


I’m so proud to have sustained most of my career working as my own boss and it’s taken me to some wonderful places and I’ve met some amazing people. The journey’s just begun, though, so here I am, ready for my next adventure.

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